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IMG_0875 So God told me to be in the “real” moment and this was right when I was doing something else but somewhere else with my mind, I’m an over thinker. It’s exhausting. I struggle with it. I overthink everything and to make it worse, I do so in the negative (ikr). I think myself sick and I need an entire intervention with Jesus to recover from the darkness I’ve invited through my mind. Continue reading “REAL”



So I had a dream last night, and in my dream I was being chased by a bad guy and I was fearful and anxious and didn’t think I would even make it without him getting me. Then I jumped into a pool and began to swim away and ofc he jumped in and swam after me. The whole time I swam away from him I realized I was ahead, he almost had me but could barely get me. This is what happens when Gods leading you, nothing can get You. He was with me. He lead me and I was ahead. Continue reading “ALWAYS AHEAD”

sweet dreams about my dad

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetSo I’ve been wanting to write about my grief process and losing my dad but I guess I’m in some sort of denial place still that I’m aware of because I don’t want to think about
that day or explain that day at all yet but what I do love and want to share are my dreams about him because they’ve become a little consistent thing now since. A sweet thing. Continue reading “sweet dreams about my dad”



Hey it’s been a while and a lots happened. But we’ll do an update post for that later ha!!
So I’m gonna tell you of what the Lord has been focussing on in my life the past few weeks. Power. His power – Relating this to the ocean just makes perfect sense to my brain because I’ve just been to the ocean and this is where God captured my thoughts. This also helps me have a physical fresh vision and idea of the scale I’m thinking in relation to what I’m saying sooooooo bare with me okay?

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