My Very Berry French Toast

img_2586I literally whipped this together a minute ago, if you’re like me then you will understand my wanting something different for breakfast everyday! I get so bored with breakfast foods and I’m always looking for ways to improve my usuals, since being in america I noticed a lot of their food is frozen, frozen pancakes, frozen waffles, frozen French toast, and it allllll tastes the same, so every now and then I will get off my lazy butt and make something from scratch. Continue reading “My Very Berry French Toast”


Exploring: Bluemont Vineyard

So, as you know from a few posts back I absolutely love being in beautiful natural places. Over the weekend me and a couple friends decided to go on a mini trip out into the country side. The vineyard was so beautiful. The vibe was amazing, so relaxing, everyone was sipping wine and just looked so happy and chilled.
The food was AAAAMAZING we ordered this like sweet&savory flatbread and this baked brie with almonds and jam MMMMmmmmmMMMmm It was heavenly.

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The Almost Fall OOTD

SO! My first outfit post yayyyyy!!! I didn’t know wether to do one because I didn’t know how to do one, I would say I certainly know what I want when it comes to fashion. My tastes can be all over the place tho. I try to look presentable and keep it comfy at the same time. This is what I wore today, I was in a good mood today, had lots of free time after hanging out with friends and decided to take some pictures  ya know, have fun with it and see what I can make of it haha Continue reading “The Almost Fall OOTD”

An Au Pair In America



So I’m gonna take it back a notch today haha….I’m gonna start at the beginning!
“Ahhhhh so I’m going to america!!! Gosh I never ever thought in a million years I would be even dreaming those words and now ITS HAPPENING!
It’s thrilling, it’s unbelievable” I remember how excited I was before I left, I had all these amazing ideas all these amazing plans for when I got there. Prepping, packing, everything was happening SO fast, it was like I wasn’t even present, this all felt like a dream. Until departure day, the day I left I was so excited. I’ve never been so far away from home, I’ve always stayed away close enough to be able to visit, this was a huge step, I’ve never even been out of the continent. I remember my family and I heading to the airport, friends and family were there, we were so early(as you do) I remember us just standing in a circle chatting away, taking pictures, only imagining what america would be like. It was a special moment. Continue reading “An Au Pair In America”

Lush Craze!!!

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetso… It’s been a couple months since my birthday in July and I’ve got some pretty nice gifts from friends and family. One of them… Or “most” of it should I say were lush products. Now, everybody knows how much I LOVE lush products. There’s just nothing like them, I don’t n know what it is but it just feels right to soak in a lush bath with a lush face mask on on the regular. Especially being an Au pair after watching kids all day long I literally fantasize about my lush baths in the evenings. They’re just soooooo refreshing. I was actually running out of all my faves so I took my $50 got card (thanks Nat and Jordyn) and restocked on my faves and a couple of new things as well

This next one I can’t wait to try out, since fall is around the corner, Lush has all new fall/Halloween products out!!! yayyyyy so I picked out this one and another floral leaf shaped one which Ive used up already(ooops) hehe

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YYYYEAH…sooooo I might have almost bought the whole store..Ha



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Inside The White House

So, I am a dreamer, a very big dreamer, I’ve always been, even if I say I’m not or say it will never happen, a part of me always holds on to the fact that it’s going to happen, because once I put my mind to something I can’t imagine it any other way. I’ve had loads and loads of experiences that I’ve actually picture in my mind happen! One of them being coming the the US.
I never thought that a South African girl like me that lived in about the smallest town there is would EVER even come near an opportunity like mine, EVER. And now I’m here, somehow by Gods grace and my wanting it more than I knew subconsciously, I’m here. Of course I’ve wanted to live in the more popular places on tv like New York or Cali but I got placed in Washington, D.C. , the nations Capitol. And I am blessed to be here, I love it here, I get to be in the same space and the president of the United States haha Ayyyyyyy, breathe the same air LOL. I find it pretty neat, don’t you?

I didn’t even think you could go inside the White House I thought it would just be a look at it from afar and that’s it but I found myself walking the floors of the State Dining Room HOW LIT!
It took a while before we got approved to actually go in but my time came and it was GLORIOUS. How many civilians can say they’ve been inside the White House? #BLESSED Haha here are some pictures

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IMG_0787This past weekend my friends and I had planned a sleepover! I havent had a sleepover in forever so I was really looking forward to this one. Everything was perfect, we had no specific plan but just being around each other was enough.We went with the flow, visited this beautiful town called Annapolis. it was AWESOME! Continue reading “THE GIRLS”



So.. my birthday party happened and it wasn’t nearly as awkward as I thought it would be, infact it was pretty special. My host mom, as always, went all out with the cake. It .Was. Gorgeous. Real Pinterest style! *heart eyes*

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It was a purple theme, I’ve always liked that color, my friends were there, the kids were there, we laughed and they sang Happy Birthday, it was really lovely.

I don’t know if its because I’m getting older, but, this birthday really meant a lot to me, I realized how many people actually care about me, everyone I’ve been away from back home and the new people in my life. People go out of their way to give me the best day. All of the wishes that everybody sent to me were really touching, I always cry on my birthday because people say the most wonderful things. Usually I am so awful about taking compliments about myself and wonder why people actually love me HAHA , my bestie says I’m ‘so mean to myself’ but on my birthday is the only day I believe all the nice things people say because they all describe me in the same sweet ways, isn’t that weird. It’s the  consistency that lets me thing hmmmm, maybe I am those things LOLZ, Buuuuut  on a real note it helps me believe and think about myself in a more positive way, makes sense? I love my life right now, I am so grateful, I am blessed with so much love and support, my entire life has been this way and continues to be, as I grow in my life I still meet AHHHMAZING people and I LOVE  every single one of them!



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