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Once again it’s that time, I was just on Insta, watching all of the Merry Christmas posts quickly turn into “reflection” posts and I sat here like OH HEY! let me to do the same!
I think it’s great to start now because you do need time….to remember and to plan. With my growing relationship with God as I realize a little each day that my entire life is entirely aimed at centering it around Him.


Trust me it took me a WHILE to acknowledge this. If I told you how far I’ve come just this year alone, I could be here all of 2018 haha!

A year ago or so I started of barely even knowing my way, my identity or how to properly receive from God and what he needs from me. The more I spent time in the word the more I spent time knowing Jesus personally I fell in love and grace, understanding His unconditional love and resting every insecurity in his hands, they slowly began to disappear. HALLELUJAH!
How blessed are we that we get a fresh start and blank page a new opportunity to actually turn to God and give even MORE of ourselves to Him.
I love reflecting because it’s an opportunity to hear from God too. Our ps. Dyl spoke about God being near to us, we barely realize how close he is until we look around at what we’ve got.
I am SOSO G R A T E F U L for several things that happened this year. You will relate to this too but I have new desires eeeeveryday almost and we’re always asking Him for them. But what if we sat and just listed everything we’ve got and remember when they were once a desire that God had given us. I wanna just list a few of my highlights,

  • First of all!!! I spent a whole year back home with my family WOO!
  • God provided everything we needed this year without fail!! (things were a little tough since my parents separated) and even though most times we came close, God always came through for us. “I got you!” -God
  • I got a part time teaching job with amazing kids at Kiddies Campus I had the opportunity to expand my teaching skills.
  • I hosted my very own a ~kids holiday cooking class~ everything literally just fell into place with this and I actually made some money out of it!! the best part was the kids really enjoyed it!
  • I went back to Malawi after several years, spent quality time with my grandfather right before he passed.
  • I HAD A BLESSED BIRTHDAY filled with lurrrrvvvv and joyyyyyyy
  • LINC CHURCH!!! ’nuff said!!
  • My blog became more and more my creative platform I LOOOOOVE IT HERE!
  • My passion for working with kids continues to grow in my heart and I keep getting blessed with new opportunities(A LOT THIS YEAR) to work with em… LOVE IT!
  • I Got offered a job ((full time)) at an amazing school called Bloom (prayed so hard for this!!) YAY!
  • Wooo the Christmas party!!!! (this was my first one (EVER) with amazing people and the MOST DELISHHHH BROWNIES YAS!)
  • My little brother graduated high school whattttttt!!!???
  • C H R I S T A M A S!!

I am super favored and God just stays blessing me beyond my understanding!
A lot of these passed few weeks for me had just been highlighting the word “waiting”….returning ~that~ to God. By waiting I don’t mean stopping your life, but more continuing to live your best life as God leads your every step, waiting on his perfect timing.

My main thing was, God waits on us for so many things, He waits while we think we can figure out our lives by ourselves, He waits whilst we intentionally live sinful lives, but once we decide to turn to him, those of us who are lucky to before we… kick the bucket…. He waits with open arms. It’s time to wait on Him, waiting on Him whilst He prepares us for the plans He has for us, and boy are His plans ~WONDERFUL~if only we’ll give an opportunity to submit to His and not ours.


My reflection is on how GOOD our God has been and is in every circumstance. And my resolution is to TRUST HIM COMPLETELY and live for what he has planned for me come 2018. (I keep writing 2017 dang it) haha!
I’ve also learned to sort my life out, like you would a suitcase, this was the best way I’ve ever heard anyone put it (once again quoting ps. Dyl) We pack the things we need and leave behind what we don’t need, right? we try hard to pack light, for a trip away for instance…we should do the same with our lives before we enter into the New Year. And yes, I don’t even know how to do it but I’m definitely relying on God to show me.

Spend time asking God what you need to leave behind. Ask Him to help you let go of what you don’t need and show you a renewed revelation of his love and hope in 2018. Literally clean and sort all of that out. Spend time somewhere nice and quiet in solitude with God. Like I mentioned in my “be happy, stay happy post” lay everything on the table, literally speak and figure yourself out with God there, ask Him to help you to clarify your head, mind and soul ready for the new year. Take care of YOU!
We’ve all been through different things and only God knows yours. Whatever it maybe, as you reflect, invite Him into your space. He absolutely deserves the glory and wants to sit with you as you dance in gratitude of what he has done and also to mourn one last time as you hand that hurt or loss back to Him.

I feel like I might have been all over the place here I’m sorrryyyyyyy!! I’m better at reflecting in real life HAHA!

Heres to 2018!!





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