Now I’ve definitely mentioned in a few previous posts (maybe ALOTTT) about how I’ve met AMAZING new people. People who have, since knowing, opened up my mind and helped me grow in the most amazing & spiritual ways. Friends. And how important it is who we surround ourselves with (you will definitely be seeing more faces on here).

Tasmin is definitely one of them. Since meeting her at Linc Church a few months now she’s only inspired me and sort of revived the creativity in my spirit. Its actually a privilege to share a space with someone who is so passionate about bringing people together, encouraging kindness, creativity and support in our little young adult community ~ allllll with a chic, snazzy fashion sense! Go girl!!

With her lovely, exciting and creative energy I was super amped when I peeked at her computer one eve (oops HAHA!!) to find out she is actually a fellow blogger, YES! I had to set up a lil blog date to get to know her more. She’s INCREDIBLE!



Q. How would you describe yourself in a nutshell?

A. Sunshine.

Q. Best 2017 moment so far?
A. Recently celebrating our one year wedding anniversary but I would have to say traveling to Greece this year, sailing the open seas.

Q. What is an important thing in life that you feel the world needs more of?

A. Celebrating one another’s differences. Unity doesn’t mean unitformity. We need each others differences to make this world a stronger, more inspiring place to be. imagine we all celebrated each others success!

Q. What/who inspires you?

A. I LOVE All forms of creativity. Art, music, fashion, images, nature, I can go on and on. I love always looking out for new trends and even taking risks to inspire people.

Q. What does creativity mean to you?

A. Creativity is throwing yourself at what your passionate about, it’s seeing the potential in something and taking it beyond its means to inspire those around us.

Q. What inspired you to start Brooklyn Hunter? What does it mean to you?

A. Well, I started my creative platform because I was desperate to create. I was craving a space to call my own and wanted a place to do it. Thus the birth of Brooklyn hunter blog.

Q. Style tips please!!?
A. I’m a lover of the minimalist look but lately I have loved throwing on over eccentric pops of colour and patterns. Kanonos are a good example. Or bold earrings.

Q. What are you up to? (Job wise/creative wise/ life wise)

A. I work for Linc church, as a creative. This means I design a lot of graphic work and conceptualize with an incredible team. I also over see an amazing college of young students who are changing the world. I also run youth ministry with my amazing husband. We try believe in living our lives that are creative, inspiring, and taking every opportunity that comes our way.


Q. What’s the most rewarding part about what you do?

A. Oh my gosh! That’s easy!
People. We love love people. We love seeing people come alive and discover who they are.

Q.  Advice to women in our generation?

A. Always be willing to learn, don’t take life so seriously. Life is meant to be fun!!! Each day is a gift. be kind to people – You’d be surprised how much freedom you will discover when you choose to celebrate the people around you. The hardest people to celebrate will bring you the most freedom.

And be grateful for the little things.

Check out Tas’ fabulous blog BrooklynHunter






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