MY HOLIDAY TO-DO LIST||blogmas day 4

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So this is a random post but I just wanted to share my holiday to-do list. When I make lists I always think long and hard to make sure I can realistically achieve everything on it. I also thought it would be fun to share a ‘Holiday to-do’ only cos everything on here will be more cheery and less stressful…lets get right into it!
✶Try to keep up with blogmas!!!!!!
✶Make a wreath
✶Attend all the christmas events
✶Spend time with family
✶Spend time with friends
✶Have a braai
✶Wear more make up this season!!!
✶Go to a Christmas parties
✶Bake mince pies
✶Spread more cheer
✶Shoot more pics this summer
✶Do more collabs// find more bloggers
✶Give more
✶Host a Christmas movie night
✶Sort out my wardrobe
✶Go to a Christmas market
✶Make Christmas cards



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