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So, um, I’m not the only one who’s excited to eat um alllll the food right?
So in general I’m not one to be on any diet at all, wether it be festive time or not. I just love food. I’ll try to eat less or work out,but I’ve never been too good with diets(and I know they help loadssss so here’s one New Years res) Butttt I will say that this is the time where people everywhere are making alllllll kinds of goodies, more than normal. All the brownies, mince pies, weekend family dinners and MORE! It’s summer, people are on holiday, the beach is poppin’ ,pools are blue! What moreeeee!!!
And guess what!! with all this lushness around…wanna know what the unfair thing is? That our Christmas here in South Africa is in the summer so what do you do? summer bod or gobble all the Christmas treats!?? ABSOLUTELY Unfair!! I choose food tho LOL and high wasted swim bottoms to hide my tum tum. Problem solved.



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