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So I’m not a major bag changer (if that’s even english) or bag buyer, I mean I try. But I’ve just been obsessed with this one since I’ve got it. Now, it’s pretty old…. bout a year or so. I remember getting it on sale at Topshop, at the time I was obsessed with backpacks….. still am haha.
I know us ~gals~ vary from what we carry in our purses, some go a lil extreme whilst others can literally just have their wallets on them and be completely fine, I would say I’m probably in the middle. I do however like to have bunch of things in my bag just in case. Here’s a snap of what lives in my daily bag.

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So besides all the receipts, pads, crumbs and forever lost coins LOL, heres a little organized list of my handbag necessities;

~ Phone                                                                                               ~ Hand sanitizer

~ Wallet                                                                                               ~ Sunglasses

~ Hand lotion                                                                                     ~ Lip balm

~ Basic make up                                                                                 ~ Pain tablets

~ Hair ties                                                                                            ~ Notebook

~ Bible

What are some of your handbag must haves?



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