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SO GUYS WAIT A MINUTE! “Where has this year gone?” The famous year end q… I had to do it haha!
Anyways it’s the end of the year, Christmas is right around the corner and I have a lot a LOTTTT to chat about so be prepared for some chatty blog posts.
So I’ve had a bit of a blah week last week and I couldn’t put my finger on why. The previous week was amazing! and it’s sad to say but that whole time I was acknowledging my happiness, I was also questioning how long it would last and just annoyingly convincing myself that in a couple days I would be in an ugly mood. This is ABSOLUTELY where I ALWAYS go wrong so here are my top 5 reminders to be happy & stay happy.

1-Stop speaking negativity onto your life

So like the book of Proverbs says “for as he thinks within himself, so is he”….and I’m sure this isn’t new to you but we actually create negativity by speaking it into existence. Like me for e.g. Instead of being present and speaking more and more of that joy into my weeks to come, I was weighing it down by expecting it to turn negative by the end of the week and guess what. I. Had. The. Most. Awful. Week. Not because of anyone or anything but because of me. It can sometimes feel like we need to have an equal amount of bad to justify anything good or we have these silly beliefs that you can’t be “happy all the time”. Speak continual joy and abundance into your week….Andddd this is soooo cliche but -replace negative thoughts with positive ones- it’s that simple. If you can remember to be negative you can surely replace those, easy!

2-Appreciate waking up

So this has helped me a lot!!! And I’m no morning person, trust me! But thanking God that he has given you another beautiful day, another try. Before anything else, take in the time to be grateful. I like to start of usually in prayer, then reading some scripture. Usually one that just glorifies Gods wonderful works or one about His thoughts to me, this helps me look forward to the week already just knowing that I am well loved by a God who eagerly awaits me to reach out to Him at any given time.These always help fill me with purpose and remind me to be the best person to my mirror (haha) and to people I see throughout the day/week

3-Don’t stress

I know it’s easier said than done, and don’t get me wrong… I stress, it’s normal, but it’s how we’re handling it that can be the challenge. So I have this rule, whatever I think is stressing me out I have to work through or work out before the week is over. I will not carry on stress for weeks at a time, because chances are there’ll be new stressors as time goes by and I CANNOT have piled up stress or I’ll die. Literally. So clear out your mind as often as you can. Talk about it, face it. But don’t harbor it because it deffo takes a toll and affects EVERYTHING else.

4-Check in on yourself

A good friend told me to stop and ask myself if I’m doing okay every now and then and this is theeeeee bestttttttt tip I’ve ever gotten. We’re always running away from or masking our emotions which I feel causes them to just hover. You know that feeling of sudden anxiety or like you’re gonna be sick? and that 30 seconds of trying to figure out what it could be? Yeah that often happens when I have some “unfinished business” I’m trying to avoid or ignore. So check in with yourself, ask yourself “am I okay this week?” “What do I need to work on?” “what makes me unhappy?” allow yourself to ~understand~ your emotions for a clear and positive fresh mind.

5-Surround yourself with people who make you feel good

So I’ve been so blessed lately I’ve met amazing new people who are so much like ~me~ I feel like I’m at an age now where it matters a lot who I surround myself with. It makes allll the difference if you have fun, supportive and light hearted people to hang around with. I used to be one who would rather stay in by myself and as nice as that sounds (sometimes) it’s better to actually get up and go do stuff. Remember I said in my New Years post that this was the year of yesses??? That has worked out SO well for me and because of that I’ve discovered new places, had some great opportunities and met new gorgeous people! So Go do stuff and like it!
So those are my top 5 reminders to stay happy. Guys? It’s 100% possible. You have Gods full permission to be happy! Look it up! We’re meant for so much more than we settle for. Own your joy and your happiness. It’s okay. Take care of your mind and live in the now. The key has always been being present, cos you can’t change your past now and you definitely have no control of your future. Now is beautiful and now is a good time. Let’s choose HAPPY!

What are your reminders to #StayHappy?



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