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Its my birthday, I am twenty-four. woahhhhhhh!
Sooooo you know how getting older seems so annoying but when you hear the word birthday you get cheerful. Now you know me from my birthday previously I mentioned how cringe birthdays can be for me, with the not knowing how to respond to all the nice things people do for you on your birthday! LoL

But hey I think I’m passed feeling yuck about my birthday and am just gonna embrace 24. Especially since I get to spend it with the most important and amazing people Eva!
So 23 was pretty all over the place for me,  don’t get me wrong IT WAS AMAZING! firstly I started my blog a year ago too so it’s also my blogs 1st birthday!! Hoooorraahhhhh!! #BLOGAVERSARY

It was the best decision I’ve ever made CLEARLY!!! Cos I’m still doing it ONE year later right!? Hah! I’ve just been able to be myself on here and just be so creative since starting my blog, I’ve been able to try different things and just overall cram ~me~ into a website.
I’m so proud of my blog and I would totally advise anyone with a creative writing flair to just let it take off into the stars!

So as I’m typing this…my birthday is almost over and I had the BEST time… this is what I love about my family >>It’s the best place to be<< Allllll of my siblings were over, my dad came over and it was just the most warm and lovin’ day. We played an ol family game and there was cake evvverywhere… LITERALLY I had about 4 cakes today! Like.. seriously.
Anywaysss….Everyone put aside their differences to make my day special. And I’m so emo and grateful. Everyone is the best ever to me. I am so loveddddd!!!

Now imma sit back, it’s about 11:20 pm…I’m in my ridiculous pink warm pjs and imma kickback….I just ordered tea from my brothers ~I’m a princess right now~HAHA! And I’m watching everything everything, with a piece o’ caramel heaven cake! Yup. 24 ain’t so bad so far.
I don’t want it to be over thoooooo 😦

PS. thank you for allllll the birthday wishes! they filled me with joy, I’m hungover with joy! haha!!!

Z.. out!



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