the dress.


So uhhhhh ask me what my favorite item is in my closet…….
This has been no.1 since I had it made a few weeks ago. I’ve already worn it like 5 times! *dont judge me*IMG_2111

This fabric is an african print my mom had brought back from Malawi a couple years ago. I fell in love with it and was just waiting for the perfect thing to make out of it. This dress style was the **shizzzzz** when I went to malawi in May. Everyone had this style on and it was everyday affordable style. People had em in many different fabrics in the village and I was like ~I want that~ haha!!! You don’t see people in the city wearing these much. It might even seem outdated…
when I described to the taylor what wanted he was likeuhhhhhhh really???? I was like YEAH! he said that it was such an old fashioned style and I should make something more youthful and modern for my age BLAH BLAH but I knew what I wanted. Wellllllll….. he ended up making it for me and VOILA!
It is perfect!!!! IMG_2136
I find it hard to find things that suit and flatter my body shape ~that I’m comfortable with~ and this just fits like a glove! its so comfortable and I feel really pretty and feminine in it 😀 heres a few snaps of it!







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